Dominican Wedding Customs

Dominican wedding ceremony practices are a element of Dominican tradition that many couples choose to include in their particular wedding day. They are a mix of religious and cultural factors that create a different wedding knowledge for the happy couple.

Churches aren’t broken into bride and groom portions in Dominican weddings, which means friends can stay wherever they please. The ceremony likewise involves a unique processional, where the soon-to-be husband enters the church initial with his mother and then escorted by his father.


Probably the most memorable areas of a Dominican wedding is the ceremony of se?al. This is or even a tradition that symbolizes sharing earthly possessions. That involves a boy having 13 gold coins on a silver tray and passing these to a certified ressortchef (umgangssprachlich). The ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) blesses them and then goes by them to the bride and groom.

Singing music is a important component of Dominican weddings. The ceremony comes with a cermonia cantada, where the guests come together to sing songs. This could end up being accompanied by a group of musicians, but it is normally done without them.

First dances are usually time-consuming and gentle in the Dominican wedding traditions. It is a sentimental and passionate moment that numerous couples want to share with their particular family and friends.

A trendy dance in the Dominican marriage ceremony tradition is definitely merengue, which in turn may be a dance that incorporates an accordion, a two-sided drum, and a guira or maraca-like percussion device. It can be performed to a selection what are the safest online dating sites of music, but most Dominicans prefer a merengue with a quick change in rate toward the bottom.

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