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A reading of less than -80 indicates that the system is oversold. With profit targe predetermined pips depends by Currecy pairs. The currency market is going through a week of tension and stress with new forecasts for further action by the US Federal Reserve. This week, investors will try to figure out what to expect.

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It also can be used to pay attention for potential https://day-trading.info/ failure in that same trend. Trading with the Williams Percent Range indicator is relatively straightforward and is almost identical to using the Stochastic Oscillator. We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. An overbought or oversold reading does NOT guarantee that the price will reverse.

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Please ensure you understand how this product works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money. For example, if the market is in an uptrend, but starts to pull back, traders may be looking for an opportunity to join the longer-term trend. When the indicator dips below the -80 level and then pops back above it, it has reached the oversold indication, and then reentered the overall norm. Since it gives faster signals, the trade often stopped out because the price made a move in the opposite direction, touched the stoploss, and then moved towards the profit target.

A divergence of the Williams’ Percent Range and the price chart

WPR stably confirms the trends, but the modern speculative market proves that the advanced characteristics of the indicator are greatly exaggerated. The indicator is the most effective for finding turning points complemented with the classical trend tools . For a short position − crossing the overbought (-20) border from top to bottom. As you can see in the above chart, once you are in the position, you can then ride the stock until the stochastics breaks -30 on the way down. If the stock is able to show this level of strength you can then use the first dip as a buying opportunity to jump on the primary trend.

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The Williams %R corrects for this by multiplying by -100. The Williams %R and the Fast Stochastic Oscillator end up being almost the exact same indicator. The only difference between the two is how the indicators are scaled. During a strong uptrend, the price will often reach -20 or above. If the indicator falls, and then can’t get back above -20 before falling again, that signals that the upward price momentum is in trouble and a bigger price decline could follow. The indicator is telling a trader where the current price is relative to the highest high over the last 14 periods .

Strategy #2 – Divergence Trading Strategy

On a daily https://forexanalytics.info/ that is 14 days, on an hourly chart 14 hours and so on and so forth. The Williams percent R indicator or %R for short is a technical indicator that oscillates between the value 0 and -100. From its method of calculation, it can be discerned that the %R is always comparing the current price to the highest closing price for the chosen period, typically, “14”. Williams spoke to “10” as a sensitive number to use, but shorter periods tend to create more false signals. He is also known for winning the 1987 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading by turning $10,000 into $1.1 million over just 12 months. Several of his books catalogue his strategies and his trading prowess.

  • Yes, there was a minor dip below a “-50” mid-line, but the benefit of the Red SMA is that its slope remained upward, a sign that the trend had not peaked.
  • Notice the beautiful sell signals given in Plywood during the 1973 market period .
  • In the example above, the “Purple” line tracks the values of the Williams %R, while the “Red” line represents a smoothed moving average, added for trade signal confirmation.
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  • Your bear market strategy using Percent R will be to wait until Open Interest has had a sizable increase , and then Percent R hits the selling area at 10% or less.

To show the indicator in this upside down fashion, one places a minus symbol before the Williams Percent Range values (for example -30%). One should ignore the minus symbol when conducting the analysis. Whatever rules you come up with for entering and exiting trades, backtest and demo test your strategies before you trade with real money. So, if you determine that the trend is still strong, you could consider trading with the trend.

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To open a long position , the line need to cross the oversold border (-80) from bottom to up. The basic conditions for a transaction are determined by the behavior of the indicator Williams Percent Range in critical areas. The lower bound – minimum price – corresponds to level (-100). The hardest part of this strategy is not pulling the trigger too soon.

A Week in the Market: Attention to Rhetoric and Numbers (20-24 February)

Traders use it to not only anticipate market reversals, but also to determine overbought and oversold market conditions. Nevertheless, Larry Williams recommends using a 10-day period and defines the boundaries of overbought/ oversold zones at the levels (-90) and (-10). On timeframes W1 and above, the WPR line usually changes its direction a week before it happens to the popular MACD histogram. As a result, traders preferring medium-term trade, have time or close transactions, or adjust (at least!) Stop Loss/Take Profit levels. Before we even start looking for trade signals, we first need to find a range bound market.


The same concept could be used to find short trades in a downtrend. When the indicator is above -20, watch for the price to start falling along with the Williams %R moving back below -20 to signal a potential continuation of the downtrend. Williams %R moves between 0 and -100, which makes -50 the midpoint. A Williams %R cross above -50 signals that prices are trading in the upper half of their high-low range for the given look-back period . Conversely, a cross below -50 means prices are trading in the bottom half of the given look-back period . When I tested the Williams Percent Range indicator 100 Times, I found out that it does a faster job at detecting the end of a pullback.

It can be used to predict price retracements or reversals before they happen. I.e. in the case of an uptrend buying is recommended when the %R line descends to the oversold area, while in a downtrend one can sell when the %R line gets into the overbought area. The analysis is carried out on the basis of studying the position of the current closing price in the range formed by extremum for previous periods. This trading tool was developed by the famous trader Larry Williams and George Lane. It will, naturally, range from a Yang (overbought reading at 0%) to Yin, (an oversold reading at 100%).

What is the Williams’ Percent Range indicator?

The https://forexhistory.info/ Flow Index is a trading tool that incorporates volume and price data. It can be used to generate trade signals based on overbought and oversold levels as well as divergences. The price is below the 200 period moving average, and when the upward momentum of the pullback was lost, the Williams Percent R, gave an entry signal pretty much at the first red candle.

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At this point, you can start to look for opportunities to trade the stock direction of the cross. The Williams %R is a momentum indicator, which gauges if a stock is overbought or oversold. In summary, the Williams percentage range oscillator is a great tool that can help you identify the exact low and high in any market.

This is why we have developed the Williams percent range strategy, a rule-based system that will allow you to trade from a place of personal power. During a strong uptrend, the price often reaches -20 or higher levels. If the indicator falls, and then can’t return above -20 before falling again, it means that the upward price momentum has declined and a bigger price decline may follow.

  • Consider a situation where price has been rising and you see it pass above -20.
  • In this sense, it can be used as a continuation indicator.
  • A rating of more than -20 indicates that the market is overbought.
  • If the line escapes the oversold area (from -80% to -100%) and rises above -80%, buying is recommended, with a Stop Loss placed behind the local minimum.

In this sense, it should be noted that it becomes a reversal strategy, but only after you get the signal and then a pullback into the norm. Deepen your knowledge of technical analysis indicators and hone your skills as a trader. But while RSI uses its mid-point figure to determine trend strength, traders use %R’s extreme levels (-20 and -80) for cues.

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